Saturday, April 22, 2017


I'm so thankful for spring. Everything comes back to life in the spring.

The last few months have been difficult with everything coming to a head with Luke, the school, my own school and just everything--the big and little stuff. But it's coming to an end soon, and I'm so thankful.

Monday we should hear the results of Luke's MRI and I am 90% sure everything is fine. But that 10% scares me. Trying hard to ignore that part.

I had failed my test at school a couple of weeks ago. They gave me a second chance to do it again. Thankful for that. I still don't know how I did.

I'm thankful that soon, my Wednesdays will be free. They are so incredibly busy. I know some moms thrive off of being busy, and I would consider myself to be one of those moms. But week after week like this, is too hard. I'm glad that soon the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd will be done, Max's Edge Group will be done.  Lucy's ice skating lessons will be done, and Childrens Adoration will be done. I enjoy all those things but fit into one day, it's hard.

I'm excited to get started on some new projects on the house this summer. We are finally going to get some railings for the front steps. It will help the house look a little more 3 dimensional, haha. It is so flat-faced.

I'm looking forward to all the kids being home this summer. It's been a really hard school year. I'm excited for them getting some of their confidence back. School has had so many tests throughout the year, and it's been stressful for them.

Anyway, I'm really glad spring is here.

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