Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Something other than bathrooms

While we wait for the bathroom to progress, (we're working on drywall and it's not much to talk about) I will tell you that I think we found something for Luke to be involved in. Karate.

While other sports haven't worked out for Luke, I'm praying that Karate will. So many people have recommended it (including therapists) because it teaches self-control.

 "Oh please, God, no," I prayed silently as I watched Luke suddenly drop down and roll all over the floor, laughing, when he was supposed to be doing jumping jacks. This happens wherever we go; swimming, gymnastics, sports. He has a hard time "listening" and following the rules. Then he eventually gets yelled at. "Luke!" is all I hear from the teachers. After many corrections and trying again, we eventually drop out.

And now as Luke was acting silly and goofy, I waited for the Instructor to call out in frustration, "Luke!" just as I have heard everywhere else we went.

But it didn't happen. Instead, he was completely ignored. And then, not getting a reaction, Luke got up and resumed his jumping jacks.

There were a few more times when Luke had trouble listening or not acting impulsively. There was one time when the Instructor asked Luke to do something and Luke rolled his eyes. I braced myself for a reprimand, but it never happened.

Amazingly, they "got" Luke. They have seen his kind. They deal with kids just like him every day. And they actually enjoy them!

While this class is very much like a typical Karate class that teaches Karate moves, they work with children with autism and ADHD, and typical kids.  Though they don't center their class on disabilities, they work with these kids too--teaching them focus, self-discipline and respect. This is what Karate simply is.

Luke quickly found out that if he wanted to advance and learn about kicks and punches, he would have to pay attention. He began to get serious and follow directions, and at the end of the class, they played a game of Doge Ball. (That teaches agility.)

At the end of class, Luke earned his "Dojo Karate" patch. He pestered me all the way home to remember to sew it on and showed off his Karate uniform for the rest of us.

He was happy. Excited. Eager to go back to Karate.

This proud Mama had a hard time keeping her tears in check while she watched him preform Karate moves. But then, that may have been because I had the flu.

Praying, oh Praying, that this time, this will stick.

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