Friday, February 26, 2016

The Girls Dressers

Last summer, I bought Anna and Lucy two dressers off of Craig's list for $40. I thought it was quite a steal. :-) 

True, the dressers are rather worn and the paint is peeling and one of the drawers doesn't close all the way...(can you guess which one?) But the point is that they now have their own dressers. For ten years, Lucy has been sharing a dresser with her little sister (two drawers for each kid) and it just doesn't work anymore. (Though I have to say the funny thing is that even though they now have their own dresser, they both tend to stuff their clothes into only two of the drawers when they have five of them..)

Lucy's dresser

Anna's dresser

I thought the girls would be more excited about having their own dressers but they seemed disappointed about how bad they looked. All cosmetic, girls! And I see a DIY project!

I bought some white paint and gave Anna's dresser fresh coat that makes it look tons better.

Lucy is going to get a full replacement of her knobs but it won't work with Anna's dresser since they have handles. They are welded in there tight. So to "dress up" the handles, I put a strip of jewels for a little bling. (I personally can't stand bling but it works for little girls!)

I then bought a stencil and some paint for the drawers for a little decoration. (You can get stencils and paint at Micheals for $1.99, stencils from $5 and up).

It took a little trial and error to figure out how much paint to put on. Too gloppy and it leaks under the stencil, too little paint and it can wear off over time.

So it's not perfect, but I was happy with the results:

I'm getting the rest of the "handles" for Anna's dresser later this week.

I feel like the dressers look a little unfinished. I might get another stencil and add some leaves next time I'm at the store.

But all in all, I love the results and it's a super easy (and cheap) way to dress up a dresser! :-)

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