Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Vanity

We finally have the bathroom vanity where it belongs--in the bathroom. You have no idea how good it feels to have that thing out of my room!

What is there to say about the vanity? You've already heard it all in my other posts. I am just glad to have this part done. Little by little, the bathroom is coming together.

The old vanity

Dennis surprised me by picking out the new vanity. He didn't think I would like it, but strangely enough, I did!

toilet seat photo bomb

At first, I thought it looked too much like a dresser, but with a sink on top of it, it looked like a vanity.

Lots of space for storage too.

  Who knew that faucets cost so much?? I sure didn't.
Eight inch faucet. For some reason, they cost more!
I couldn't find anything lower than $100. At that is what you're looking at right now--a $100 faucet. (Technically $120, but it was on sale.)
One thing that makes a big difference in price is the spacing of the faucet. For instance, a 4 inch faucet is much cheaper. I found a lot of 4 inch faucets that I would have picked if I could have. But this vanity calls for an 8 inch faucet and my choices were much fewer--and more expensive.
But anyway, we got the faucet out of the way, shiny just the way Henry likes it, and the vanity is now finished.
The bathroom is now at a point where it's fully useable. (Except for the door.) We're taking a week off to save up for more tile to get the other wall done.

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