Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Vanity Lights

So as we wait on the situation with the vanity, I will tell you about the vanity lights. They were installed over the weekend. That was one small area that we moved forward on.

In the end, Henry chose the lights. Thankfully, they were ones I was going to pick anyway.

But first, let's talk about that old medicine cabinet/mirror/vanity lights.

It was one of the first things that I wanted to replace when we first moved in. Medicine cabinets are not too expensive and easy to replace.

The cabinet was one of those tri-fold ones. I hate them because I want to see everything at once, not trying to guess "What Door is my deodorant behind?"
Not only that, but every time I opened a door, things would fall out. The shelves were very narrow. So for that reason, the medicine cabinet was the first thing I wanted to replace.
I finally did purchase one--but it doesn't go with the new bathroom now. It's still in very good condition, so we're going to move it to the downstairs bathroom.
But even though I had a new medicine cabinet, we still needed the old one--because it also served as our bathroom lights, and I didn't have the money at the time to buy a medicine cabinet, lights, and a mirror all at once.
So we decided to wait until we were ready to redo the bathroom, and I put up with the ugly medicine cabinet/lights with the Minion sticker for a year.
Until now! :-)  We now have our vanity lights. And though we chose some lights on the cheaper side, they still dress up the bathroom a lot. It's amazing how even just lights adds to a bathroom.
Not black metal or iron like it looks in the picture. Just regular shiny silver.
The mirror that came with the vanity, will also be hung today.
And next, the vanity will be put in...

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