Monday, March 21, 2016

Shut the front door!

I've always thought that expression was weird. Where did it come from, anyway?

Anyway, I like our front door but the blandness of it has always bothered me. I wanted to paint it as soon as we bought it but Dennis didn't want to and talked me out of it ("what if we pick the wrong color??")

But he's sort of the type of person that has to see something in person...and then he has to get used to the new look. Pretty much every room I've painted he has to "get used to" before he will say if he likes it or not.

So I painted the front door in secret. I don't normally do that, but this time in my gut, I felt like it was the right move and that Dennis would like it.   

The original front door

I'm distracted by that gorgeous blue sky...anyway, the bland front door
So while he was at work one day, I took the paint left over from the bathroom and painted the front door. I purposely kept it very neutral so Dennis wouldn't freak out too much.

Project in waiting...fixing the outdoor lamp.
Let me tell  you something...Dennis didn't even notice!

For two days, he never noticed! I actually had to point it out to him!

I said, "So you never said anything about the front door." And he said, (with some dread in his voice) "What did you do to the front door??"

So I showed it to him and he liked it!

However, I found out that the reason why he didn't want to paint it in the first place was because he paid an extra $100 to get it professionally painted white.


I vaguely remember him telling me this and this is why I lost out on the argument. I must've blocked that part out.

Because I do love white, but not on everything. Especially on such a flat-faced house.

So tan it is. 

I win. -)

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