Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Girls Room: the door

And so we have the door installed.

The old door
Remember the old door that had a hole in it and no doorknob? It was a constant embarrassment every time people came over, no doubt wondering who had anger issues or something. Or that we were too cheap to even buy a doorknob.

The new door
Well, now we have a new door, freshly painted, dark doorknob to give it a "pop", and most of all, it is functional, opens and closes and even locks. And it has no hole in it.

Every door we replace and add a little trim around it, helps our hallway look a little nicer. It is so slow going though. The door and the trim to go around it costs about $170 total, not counting the paint. So it's not easy to come up with the money quickly.

I decided to speed this Girls Room project up, even if I don't have everything that I wanted to get.

Today a neighborhood friend was over and wanted to see the girls room. Lucy had already told her, rather firmly, I might add, that she didn't want her to see her room. Well, the girl insisted and pushed past Lucy and the next thing I knew Lucy and Anna were literally fighting against this girl (who is bigger and taller than both of them) yelling and pleading with the girl not to enter into their room. I intervened, but not before the girl just blatantly pushed past them and went into their room.

I asked Lucy later why she didn't want the girl to go into her room. She said it was because she was embarrassed about how bad it looked. It's Anna's room as well, but being six and a half, she doesn't feel quite as strongly as Lucy. However, she was tired of the mess too.

So major mom-guilt here, who did all the tearing down and left it like that for months.

I promised Lucy I will take care of the room and make it up to her for the months of embarrassment by turning it into a room they will be proud to show off.

I won't have everything I was hoping to get but it will be clean--and purple, like they had wanted.

So stay tuned for the "big reveal" of the girls room!

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