Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Kitchen Project

One of the best ways for me to deal with the "winter time blues/blahs" is to do a project. We have been holding off on projects because we want to mainly focus on getting some of our debt paid off. And though we have barely begun, we are getting a little bit of it paid off each month. (Tax refunds help!)

But paint never costs much, and I like painting. It's fun to have a project to do that has nothing to do with school, money problems or family life.

 For a long time, I've wanted to paint the kitchen cabinets. I don't like the golden oak color; it tends to be outdated. The entire house is covered with this golden oak color, which at one time, was very popular. I used to love it but now it's just blah.

So we went to Home Depot and I picked out an off-white color with just a tiny bit of grey undertone to it. If you are thinking it's going to be a rather bland kitchen with the whitish countertops, you're right. Counter tops is what I would like to take care of next, and it's surprisingly not too expensive.

Remember, the first coat always looks the worst!

One of the reasons for the constant updates is not just for our own comfort, but to get the house ready to sell if and when that time should come. My "big secret" that I had wanted to share a few posts back is that in the (hopefully) near future, we--or at least, I,--would like to move out to a hobby farm. I would like to do my dog training out there and do some sort of doggy daycare and/or dog boarding business. Combining these two businesses would actually give us real financial support. Who would have ever thought you could do something lucrative with dog training.

But, we would need a place to hold the dogs and preferably somewhere out by ourselves where we won't be an annoyance to neighbors. That's where the hobby farm idea comes. What better place to hold dog classes and kennel dogs than a farm with a barn? And what more attractive to people than a hobby farm?

The idea seems too ideal to even work. Yet it can.

Of course, it is always money that holds us back. And you need money to own a hobby farm. That is why for now, we're waiting to see what happens with the dog training business. If I can get enough clients in order to call it a real business and get some money flowing on a regular basis, AND if we can try to get half of this debt paid off, then we can start looking for the hobby farm for the second part of the plan--the doggy daycare/boarding.

There is red tape to all of this (which luckily I am learning about through my courses), but it's not as bad as you would think.

And so, I am preparing the house for that day--if God wills that day to come--to move and live my dream.

Speaking of dreaming, check out this hobby farm. Before you snort and say "yeah, right!" you might be surprised to learn that there are a few farms out there that are in the $200's--it's not all  one million dollar farms!

I don't know if the hobby farm will really happen, or if I will still have this dream a few years from now. It might be that the dog training business will be slow to take off or that it may never take off and that we will just have to stay where we are, and the boarding business will stay a dream.

So in the meantime, I paint. And enjoy where we are and the time that we have here, because even though it's not a hobby farm, it's still a really great house. And we're glad to be here.

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