Saturday, April 8, 2017

Clean up in Asile 2

Today we went to Petco to get a pooper-scooper. Now that we have two dogs, the work is twice as much, as you can imagine. Shovels are tough to work with and even harder with the kids, and plus, scoopers are more fun, which hopefully makes the work more appealing. (The clean-up job lands mainly on the kids.)

The kids talked me into bringing both Ace and Joey into Petco, since people bring their dogs in all the time. Bad idea. As I knew would happen, Ace ended up marking Aisle #2 as his own. When we first got Ace, he was marking the house for about a week. That dog was on his way out the door, but thankfully, he got it under control.

Anyway, those accidents must happen a lot, because they had a self-serve clean up station. We were told it was over by "fire hydrant", which was a big cardboard cutout of a red fire hydrant with paper towels and sprayer. I told the boys to go by the fire hydrant to clean it up (I was busy with something else and had the two dogs with me to try to control) and I saw Max and Luke wandering back and forth, looking for the cleaning station. How they could miss the insanely large, bright red fire hydrant is beyond me. I could see it looming above the aisles and I was all the way across the store.

Just when I thought the situation was under control, I saw Luke walking towards me carrying a fire hydrant. Yes, that's right. The actual fire hydrant.

 I have no idea what Luke was planning on doing with the fire hydrant; if he was thinking he was actually going to spray the dog pee away with it or what.  Instead, I hurried Luke and the two dogs back to where he found the fire hydrant---which happened to be stationed right next to the cleaning station.

I realize that Petco probably didn't think people would get confused by putting two fire hydrants so closely stationed together, but they also hadn't met the Arganbrights yet! Haha!

While Luke was trying in vain to lift the heavy hydrant back on it's hook, I hurried with the two dogs to find someone to help him. In hindsight, I should have told him to just leave the hydrant on the floor, but I wasn't thinking. Thankfully, a guy with a sense of humor was nearby and thought the situation was funny when I told him that my son was having trouble with the fire hydrant--the actual fire hydrant. (He tried pointing me out to the cleaning station. He must have that question asked a hundred times a day.)

With that, we stumbled as a group out the door. Yes, five kids and two dogs never goes well for me but it has it's entertaining moments.

We've had people ask how things are going with us with Luke and all. As you can probably gather, things are going quite normally. (Yes, that would be a typical day for us.)

Luke appears to be just fine. Other than what the teachers have reported at school, I would never guess that anything is wrong.

As for me, as I've said before, I refuse to worry about something until we get concrete evidence that something is wrong. I have worried enough about his tic. I don't want to worry about this too.

He does have his appointment with the doctor this Wednesday. We'll see what she says. In the meantime, life goes on. Sometimes it's great, and sometimes there's clean up in Aisle 2. At any rate, we're doing just fine.

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